Countryman – 2nd September 2012

The Countryman Pub, nr Piece

It’s hard to know when to write a blog for our own shout as it happens every month and I’m always there – so which one do I write about? And yet it needs recording because it’s seen a wonderful development over the two years from when we started. The landlord, Nick is so supportive, often joins in behind the bar and has sponsored my project too!

Some of the singers!

We came together primarily as two singing groups – the Inglehearts (run by Clare Ingleheart) and the Treggys and slowly over the months people have come to and fro until it has evolved into a shout that brings together a whole cross section of people from Penzance to Callington! There are people who now come from groups such as The Perraners, Leverow an Bys, Suitcase Singers, Riverside Singers, Praze and Hayle MVC, Nankersy MVC and Cadgwith. There are also individuals who just enjoy being ‘hangers on’ without the commitment of a choir. All this means that although we have a core repertoire we are always being treated to new songs from visiting people who bring their favourites along. This core repertoire is printed in a songbook that is for others to use and has helped with a feeling of inclusivity and the creation of a lovely atmosphere, with usually over 30 people singing together. I personally am really happy that this core also includes some Cornish language songs too such as the ancient Delkiow Syvy (words from 1698!) and beautiful Kerra Kernow (written by Dick Gendall, who wrote many songs for Brenda Wooton) From the regular group, people are starting to emerge with increased confidence to either pitch up a song or sing a party piece. One of these; Ron, has brought new songs to share and brings real feeling to his singing – his enjoyment of songs such as Cornish Lads and Miner’s Lullaby is obvious and always gets a good response. My father, Patrick has always had a huge store of songs and loves to sing daft songs such as Johnny Bucca which are also well received! We have had beautiful solo renditions of The White Rose from Geoff of the St Aubyn singers and rousing chorus’ of The Old Grey Duck from Chris from the Perraners (he & I are part of the Duck Appreciation Society!) 

Patrick, Ron, Neil and Dave sharing a joke!

It’s a delight to me that we have been able to create such a space, with the goodwill of the Landlord, to allow people to shine whatever their age or background and the experience of most people seems to be reflected in a comment by one of the regular listeners:

‘Beautiful! A real coming together, like the old times; a bit of old Cornwall’

We always meet on the first Sunday of every month; one and all are welcome!


Yeghes da!